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It has been said that Buffalo native Kane and Illinois resident Amanda, 31, have been dating for the past three years, media and NHL fans have quite interested in Grahovec, not only because she is a stunner but also because she quite private about her life and her relationship with Kane.

However sources close to the couple said Amanda has what it takes to tame bad boy Kane, the same source added that they could even get married someday.

I just love playing the game It has always been Patrick Kane. Since he is retired I look up to Kaner now because he’s just the most exciting player in the league.

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Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD. Like someone said he can’t even spend much time with her! Why do you all act like it's solely Patrick's fault/AG bringing negative effect on him and his game for them getting Bronze? Patrick was named MVP and had the most points in the least amount of games. If you see inappropriate comments, then please report them by clicking the report abuse link aside the comment. It sucks if he’s unhappy with her but her being there didn’t make him play bad.Instead of spewing facts about him and writing this blog in my words, I decided to interview Clayton so you all can get to know more about him. So my parents asked me at about 4 years old what I wanted to play and I said hockey! When I first started playing mini-mites, which is basically just a level to learn how to play, I was on the Pekin Little Stars. S planning on writing a blog about this team later so stay tuned) I loved all of it whether it’s hanging out with the boys or whatever.I started playing travel hockey for the Pekin Flyers when I was about 6. My favorite team I’ve played for is the Peoria Mustangs. Especially with the Mustangs schedule, I got to hang out with the boys every day, play hockey every day, and meet some cool people. Originally growing up the first hockey player I looked up to was Martin St. I modeled my game after him since I was also a small and speedy player.My brother plays for the Mustangs now, so I really try to help him out and give him tips on how to improve his game too.

My coach the first year I joined the Mustangs was Jean-Guy Trudel, now the head coach of the Peoria Rivermen.

He was in a blue jacket, that I remember complimented his eyes quite nicely.

Like every romantic love story, we locked eyes from across the room and felt the instant need to talk to each other.

That’s one of the many differences between the likes of you and myself: I state facts, because I can due to actually knowing whom if which I speak. Or will he be partaking in someone who won’t crush him if she rolls over on him. And just because your stupid little brain think I said something doesn’t make it so, as some else has also pointed out to you.

No one is forcing you to come here and no one is forcing you to respond. Again, if you had a life of your own, you wouldn’t feel the need to speculate about people you don’t know. Also, unlike you, I actually know those of whom I speak. Is he going to hook up with the lardass this summer?

Meet the lovely Amanda Grahovec, she is the girlfriend of Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane.