Philippines dating etiquette my ex boyfriend is dating someone new

We never even stop to consider the possibility that they might even be right and that it is we who needs to apologize to them and not the other way around.How can we say that we are not thieves when just about everyone seems to think that stealing is okay as long as you don’t get caught?

To be honest, I doubt we can really achieve so much.We’re only bloggers after all and all we can really do is do the best we can as individual human beings and try to awaken as many Filipinos as possible and rally them behind our cause.The whole point of the article was never even considered by a lot of commenters as they went on to assume things and come to their own (often wrong) conclusions about what I was actually talking about.It’s painful to note that the point of the article was quite far from bashing the Al Dub couple yet still, the brave defenders of the noon-time sensation went on to insinuate that I was accusing the show and those who watch it as “stupid”.More often than not, we react almost immediately without first considering what’s in front of us and what our actions might cause.

We are so much like dogs who bite first without ever thinking that we are essentially biting into poisoned meat.How can we say that we aren’t perverts when we put films like ?How can we say we aren’t sadists when we find other people’s misfortunes funny?When people attack or offend us, we like to take words our of context and make assumptions like “they must be attacking me because I’m beautiful” or perhaps “they’re just bitter at me” instead of really considering what is being said.More often than not, we let our emotions do our reasoning for us, especially our pride, and refuse to consider how out-of-context our own assumptions may be.Stupidity, as you can see, isn’t the same as simply being better but he or she keeps doing the wrong thing anyway. Here are my three points: Pinoys Are NOT Attentive Okay, let’s talk about my previous article, the one with the Al Dub photo.