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The developer recently added Rift Support and revealed plans to add a battle royale mode sometime this year.

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After lurking around the fringes of gaming in the modding community for years, battle royale burst into the mainstream in 2016 with Daybreak's H1Z1 (formerly King of the Kill, which Greene consulted on) and then was taken to staggering new heights with PUBG, which left Early Access in December.

Fortnite's free battle royale mode burst onto the scene in late 2017 and has attracted millions of players as well.

As a mainstream genre, battle royale is both massively popular and still in its infancy, and 2018 has already grown into major year for the last-man-standing multiplayer format, as established games continue to tweak their formulas and newcomers attempt to claim a piece of the action. The biggest and best games in battle royale have had a full release, but they're still rolling out new features, maps, weekly events, and updates.

Even if you're familiar with the best battle royale games, there's a lot to look forward to from them in 2018.

Developer: Gunpowder Games| Release date: Late 2018| Link: Maelstrom takes the battle royale concept and ships it to sea, where 15 players compete to be the last ship sailing in this fantasy naval combat game.

Choose from humans, orcs, and dwarves, each with their own style of ship, and beware massive sea monsters who will sink you if you stray too long in the dead seas around the perimeter of the map's safe zone.

After pushing into 1.0 and leaving Early Access a week before the end of 2017, we talked to PUBG Corp CEO CH Kim to find out what comes next.

Kim told us they're looking at making a bigger splash in esports, tweaking tournament rules, and potentially creating a PUBG league.

We don't expect the goofy experiments to stop anytime soon.

Developer: PUBG Corp|Release date: Out now | Link: Official site We don't know if there will be a PUBG movie, but after the craziness of last year we wouldn't really be surprised (we even came up with a script).

Everything about it is fast: click play and you're instantly a match, and rounds only last a few minutes making it perfect for quick and fun sessions.