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The laptop would NOT work, so called Dell, who told us that our laptop would ONLY run with Vista, so we reinstalled it.

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Windows Vista just won't install updates I recently purchased a used laptop with Windows Vista. I have triedseveral things, including following stuff on Microsoft's Web site. Vista Repair --Submitted by: Boogaloo Much of a Good Thing --Submitted by: Flatworm Downloading Updates --Submitted by: rush075 you get a used system, you may need a fresh start!Over the lastseveral months, I've gotten updates from Windows. Theytalk a lot about it being a malware problem or other security problem,but trying all kinds of malware removers, including Malware-bytes andeven Windows Defender has not fixed the problem. A solution that will work willbe greatly appreciated!! --Submitted by: dglenn-computer-graphics Problem Also - Required A New Vista Disk --Submitted by: Basuto9 Neal C.... If you have any additional suggestion or tips that can help Neal out, click on the reply link and submit away. If you have any additional suggestion or tips that can help Neal out, click on the reply link and submit away.None of the prior Windows releases could stand that kind of treatment.Also after 3 years there is no noticable slow down in my computers performance, I have never known anything like that with any previous version of Windows. My best advice is to save up for W7 and dump Vista as soon as possible.I've got probably at least five clients all suffering with Windows 7 update issues right now. These are all 64bit PCs with at least 6Gbs of RAM, and a dual quad core processor. It is nice to be able to get rid of an OS that is DOA but sometimes life support is possible.

I went through this with VISTA at a time that I did not want to deal with computer problems let alone spend money and time installing from scratch.Same restart will be required and your updates should now be listed in Programs and Settings.The same thing applies to when you are trying to apply or install updates for other browsers, Chrome and Firefox in particular.The Notebook has performed flawlessly for a year now.I also updated all my Vista Notebooks and Desktop the same way.Dell finally agreed it was a motherboard issue but would not replace it free, stating the laptop was out of warranty, even though Dell had documented our MANY calls from the month we purchased the laptop.