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Now, I’m really comfortable being a spokesperson and being out there in front of the camera.

I’m comfortable in the skin that I’m in, but it’s not just about me and my superficial look.

Whenever I do an interview or press, I feel like I’m taking everyone with disabilities with me, and I want to represent them to the best of my ability. Using a power wheelchair in New York City, especially when you want to get somewhere really fast. People think using a wheelchair sucks, but it’s actually great.

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Topics covered include healing, stages of abuse, shame, contempt, and the way through.For any questions or inquiries please email [email protected] or [email protected] The Finance course is a 6 week program designed to provide people with a sound approach to financial management.In an environment of support and loving acceptance, women will have an opportunity to share their journey and to grow through increased levels of connection and trust.Participants will find tools for living beyond coping and begin to discover more about their true value and uniqueness.It is not suitable for people who are considering divorce in the future.

For any questions or inquiries please email [email protected] or [email protected] Door of Hope is a supportive and encouraging program for female survivors of sexual abuse.

Topics covered include anger, parent-child relationship, forgiveness and future hope.

For any questions or inquiries please email [email protected] or [email protected] The Enrich course is a great way to give your marriage a bit of maintenance.

For any questions or inquiries please email [email protected] or [email protected] This 6 week course is for children between the ages of 8 and 14 who have or are going through the pain and challenges associated with family breakdown.

This course is aimed at helping children recognise, explore and work through their feelings.

Around that time, I was visiting a doctor and I told him I was working on my Ph. I HAVE A TEENAGE CLIENT who tells me, “I want to be like you.” So I advise her to walk through every open door, to take every opportunity to talk about her experience and her cause.