Quest dating austin texas

Advice to Management Try to give us clear game plans, and motivate us to improve.

Sometimes we just get information thrown at us but it is never followed up on with training.

While there is plenty of work left to do, we are excited about the future and so glad that you're along for the ride!Lu Ann Johnson CHROCons New private equity owners are driving out costs and starving innovation as a consequence.If you'd like to talk further about this, you can reach me at [email protected] Ann Cons Since the divestiture from Dell it's been pretty rocky.Quest Software was originally a separate company before Dell acquired them.Pros I was moved over to Quest after working for Dell for 10 years.

I love working @ Quest, it is like a mini-Dell and I enjoyed my time there too.

Development and marketing are slowly but surely being starved. Maintenance renewals are keeping the company afloat.

reductions resulted from two things: the change in organization to accommodate a Go to Market structure focused on business units and the difference between the needs of a 150,000 employees company versus a much smaller company.

Horseplay, bro-time, and cliques don’t benefit the company or our PURSES!

be interested in learning about what type of training you need that isn't currently being provided.

The management is very helpful but also inexperienced in the Austin office.