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I read couple of threads on this side, where people said, that I should run new thread on server for every single connected client.

Still, Server is printing messages from every client on its console but clients can see only messages they wrote, not every message submitted on chat.

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Behind the scenes, both applications use a combination of sockets and threads to network clients to the server and manage interactions between the clients and the server.

The chat server application puts up a simple window containing a text area.

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We will look at four network applications, written completely from scratch in Java.

The main window consists of a text area that is used to display the chat transcript, and an area at the bottom where the user can enter a new comment and send it to the server.Here is code: Server: //package javauj.serwer; import This simple example of a client/server system is intended to demonstrate how to build applications using just the streams available in the standard API.The chat uses TCP/IP sockets to communicate, and can be embedded easily in a Web page.One of the main problem is that when i replied to users in a room via a loop, the method that sent data over socket connection was blocking.Hence, i am thinking if i use non blocking NIO sockets, and then send the message to recipients in a loop, would that solve the problem ?It takes two command-line parameters -- the server name and the port number to connect to.