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After that moment there really was no looking back, I just knew that performing and storytelling was what I was born to do.

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A couple weeks later I saw a sign on the wall for auditions for the lead girl in Center Stage: Turn It Up (the sequel to the very film that changed me as a little girl).I really just loved the performing aspect of it all.After breaking my hand during one of the best competitions of my life (and having to have surgery on it), I began to realize how truly unhappy I was, and even though it was ridiculously hard, and seemed almost impossible at the time to quit, I eventually did find the strength to so (I don’t think I will ever forget how sad and lost back then).After what felt like forever I got a call from one of the agents that turned me down saying that Sony Pictures wanted to book me to play Kate Parker in Center Stage Turn It Up and that I would be leaving to film in Vancouver in a couple day (haahhhhhh… All I want to do is to use this story to inspire others and be “that girl” to move and change anyone’s life I possibly can through the arts, performing, and storytelling.Here is a video where I talk all about this https:// After going through that experience, everyone kept asking me, “How did you do it?Around that same time, I went with my family to see the movie Center Stage by Nicholas Hytner.