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Using his pheromone powers to take control of her, the Purple Man directed her to attack the approaching police, then held her in his thrall for months, subjecting her to physical and mental humiliation in imagined retaliation for his defeats by other super heroes. After weeks of physical rehabilitation, she was offered the position of S. She also hired the dedicated but annoying young Malcolm Powder as a part-time assistant.

Finally, in a fit of insane rage, he sent Jessica to Avengers Mansion hoping she would find and kill his nemesis, Daredevil. When the Kingpin sent the insane assassin Typhoid Mary against Murdock, Jessica and Cage worked together against her, getting her on the ropes so that Murdock could deliver a blow to end the fight.

Jessica has since taken a position as a superhuman consultant with the Daily Bugle, working with reporter Ben Urich on stories related to New York's growing super hero population.

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In the aftermath of the confrontation, Jessica informed Ant-Man that she was pregnant with another man's child and the couple broke up.She instead moved in with Cage, the father, and the two began a long-term relationship.Jessica Jones was a lonely Midtown High School student with a crush on fellow student Peter Parker (who would soon become the hero Spider-Man) and a fantasy fixation on the Human Torch.She was on a trip to Disney World with her family when her father, distracted by the backseat quarrel of her and her brother, lost control of their car in an accident with an army truck transporting unidentified experimental material, possibly radioactive, to which Jessica was exposed in the course of the accident.2 #48, 2003); confronted the Purple Man in prison, defeated him after his breakout, announced pregnancy to Cage (Alias #26-28, 2003-2004); met with J.

Jonah Jameson about job offer (Pulse #1, 2004), married Luke Cage (New Avengers Annual #1, 2006)Jessica Jones possesses superhuman strength; the parameters of her strength are unrevealed, but she can lift an automobile with no discernible effort.Universe Marvel Universe Real Name Jessica Campbell Jones Aliases Jewel, Knightress Identity Publicly known Citizenship United States Place of Birth Unrevealed, possibly Forest Hills, NY First Appearance Alias #1 Origin Alias #22-23 (2003) Flashback, subjugated by the Purple Man, gave up costumed crimefighting (Alias #25-26, 2003); manipulated into effort to expose Captain America's secret identity, protected secret (Alias #1-5, 2001-2002); became Matt Murdock's bodyguard (Daredevil Vol.2 #36, 2002); went on first date with Ant-Man (Alias #15, 2002); rescued Mattie (Spider-Woman) Franklin from MGH ring (Alias #16-21, 2003); fought Typhoid Mary alongside Cage (Daredevil Vol.Months after the accident, while running home from school in an emotionally distraught state, Jessica manifested superhuman powers as a result of the experimental material to which she had been exposed; her inexperienced flying led her to crash-land in the bay, where she was rescued by Thor. She eventually became a licensed private investigator and opened her own firm, Alias Investigations. Jessica next investigated a deranged man claiming to be Avengers associate Rick Jones, who paranoically feared attack by the alien races in whose war the real Jones had intervened.She soon realized that she had also gained superhuman strength. Jessica's recent string of cases included a surveillance assignment involving a woman whose companion was revealed to be Captain America, who changed from his then-secret identity into costume before Jessica's video camera; when the woman whom he had been photographed with was slain, Jessica realized she had been set up. Jessica managed to partially calm his madness and reunited him with his wife. Jonah Jameson in an effort to track Spider-Man, only to bilk the publisher by spending his money on charitable endeavors.While testing her flight capabilities, she chanced upon and defeated the costumed criminal known as the Scorpion, in desperate straits not long after his first defeat by Spider-Man. liaison to the Avengers, but Jessica felt that her experience had taught her that she was unsuited to the life of a costumed hero, and she gave up her Jewel identity. She was questioned by suspicious police officers but helped out of her predicament by the timely arrival of attorney Matt Murdock. An out-of-town case led her to help troubled teen Rebecca Cross, who had run away after encouraging people to believe she was a mutant out of rebellion against her town's oppressive atmosphere, but the case ended badly when Rebecca's aunt killed her unjustly accused father.