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Those who don’t believe it are probably single and wishing they had the love and support of a good woman. This statement is true across the board, whether you’re a middle class family man or a wealthy athlete. Many of the women on this list were popular and successful before they met their men, and many earn more than their men, even if that man happens to be the best quarterback currently playing in the National Football League (you probably already know who we’re talking about, cough cough Gisele cough cough).

Some have graced the red carpet or the catwalk, some have opted to stay out of the spotlight and live their lives in private like any other person.

I think it is safe to say that if Russell goes broke, his lovely wife will have no problem supporting the family.The former Miss Missouri is the wife of now-former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. She is a captain for the Houston Dash of the National Women’s Soccer League and has represented the United States as part of the USWNT.But like the rest of us, they’re there for their men, and like men of all ages and classes, when you have a job that is as tough as playing in the NFL, it helps to have a strong support system at home.If that support system happens to be a gorgeous woman who is successful in her own right, well, there’s nothing wrong with that. Without further ado, here are the wives and girlfriends of the National Football League, the women who not only support their player husbands, but embarked on their own successful careers.While she may not have been able to help him prepare for games, her experience as a journalist for a Dallas-area television station could come in handy as he switches from the field to the analyst’s booth. Watt has been quiet about his social life for most of his career, but it is not hard to understand why he decided to go public with this relationship.

Crawford hosted a lifestyle section and covered high school sports. Marissa Powell will forever be remembered as the former Miss Utah who gave a Billy Madison-inspired answer to a question about inequality during the Miss USA Pageant. Along with her husband, New England Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy, she helps adopted, foster, and disadvantaged kids through the Van Noy Valor Foundation.According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brady is worth 0 million while Gisele is worth 0 million. If Notre Dame had been giving Alabama a run for its money back in the 2013 BCS National Championship Game would Brent Musburger have made the comments he did about Katherine Webb? You probably remember her from when she played herself on the Laguna Beach.Would the former Miss Alabama winner have ever reached the level of notoriety that she did? So, thanks for saying what we were all thinking Brent Musburger. She’s done pretty well for herself since, and has moved on to acting and has become a successful fashion designer.We know she was a Patriots cheerleader at one time.It also appears that she could be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue after attending an SI Swimsuit edition open casting call.She’s gorgeous, loves to fish, and has a fondness for shooting fire arms.