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And though the crime in question drives the narrative, “Seven Seconds” takes far too long to supply dramatic developments in the case, and most can be guessed far in advance.

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Source: diresituation.Marla Gibbs Mary Jenkins was the queen of the gossips, and also happened to be the much loved and respected housewife in the apartment building inhabited by all kinds of cool and kooky folks.

Regina King, who plays a mother mourning the loss of her son, is the main draw in this 10-part drama set in Jersey City.

Her top-notch work is always emotionally involving, and she does what she can with the limited scripts.

But her character — and others — are stranded in a crime serial that tends to wallow in misery without offering anything particularly fresh to say about crime, race, or the justice system.

It’s a shame because Brown’s performances are really good, especially of the title song, “This Christmas.” Bad sync and mature ideas aside, This Christmas is a very enjoyable movie.

It’s good to have the Whitfield family so strongly, realistically, and enjoyably portrayed that, for the duration of the movie you'll feel at home with these assorted characters.Idris Elba showed his talent earlier this year in Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls but his gambling, deceiving character here is quite different.Regina King, Sharon Leal, and Lauren London also put in incredible performances as the Whitfield girls.It’s also not a family that makes you leave the theater thinking less of your own flawed family members.If anything, the movie shows us how to appreciate the good, accept the bad, and reminds us that there is no such thing as perfection.For a family movie, This Christmas is incredibly mature with some of its concepts and actions. Even though the language is rather light, this is not a movie from the kiddies, as several characters sexual relationships are discussed, with one of the girls even giving her vibrator an appreciative look as she unpacks.