Review of chemistry dating

Chemistry offers customer support that is different from other sites.In addition to their FAQ page, which lays out some important answers, they also include a dating safety page so members can get special tips on how to stay safe while dating online. They offer categorized pages so that users can contact them about specific questions without searching through a pile of unwanted questions.

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The system then shows how well you and your possible partner go together during the matchmaking section.Knowing something about your preferred partner even before contacting him or her is a definite plus in the online dating world.The in-site communication features include online winking, emails and live chatting, although the last two are premium features. If you are looking for a trendy dating site that borrows elements from social media sites and presents a deep and involving personality test, then we recommend On the other hand, is for people who like to learn more about online dating while doing so, and live the dating life both online and in the real world.Chemistry offers a level of privacy that some other dating sites don’t.

With Chemistry, members can only be found through other members, so you don’t have to worry about non-members searching through your profile.A common trait is that these sites unlock their community features for paying members only.The one-month subscription fee is .99 for Chemistry and .95 at Match.The site uses a multi-leveled personality created by a renowned anthropologist, Dr. This is done during the profile creation process, and although it takes a while, it’s definitely worth your effort.Your results are displayed in a brief summary, and then you are put into one of the four categories.Then, if both members like each other, they can set up a second, third, or forth date.