Reviews on dating direct

Your search will yield results for women that are nowhere close to your type despite specifying what kind of woman you are looking for.In addition to this, there are most probably no women in your area.

There have been numerous complaints about the unethical practices on this site.

It is definitely a website designed to con you of your money.

There are also random matches with people miles away from your area. There are also plenty of other unethical practices here, and the whole thing is just a sham.

You have no chance of meeting a date on this website. You can also expect to get messages that are obviously computer generated. Dating has been swindling users of their hard-earned money for many years now.

This is by far one of the WORST dating sites that you could ever get on.

There is nothing real about the site, and they are simply after your money.Another problem is that your profile will be used on another affiliate dating websites.This is a way for them to make the website seem popular. You shouldn’t be surprised to find your profile marked as ‘active’ many months after you supposedly deleted your profile.When you are eventually able to contact support, you will be told that you did not cancel your subscription correctly.The link for cancelling your subscription is hidden and difficult to find.The features on Dating are simply there to keep you interested, but there is nothing really there. We will review some of the features to demonstrate our point.