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Fan mail and autograph requests should be sent to this address, which his agent confirms is the ONLY address to contact Richard: Richard Armitagec/o United Agents12-26 Lexington Street London W1F 0LEUnited Kingdom If you would like to request a signed photo, please enclose the following: Unless the SAE covers the complete cost of postage you will run the risk of not receiving a reply. There is no official website for Richard but he does have a Facebook page and a twitter account, RCArmitage. Generally, he will not respond to autograph requests or any other types of requests via social media. Richard's agent's site is United Agents and this is his IMDB page.Website contact details: Richard Armitage Net is an unofficial, independently owned, not-for-profit website.Multimedia and problems playing videos on this site All videos will play using VLC ( which is also free. If you cannot watch any streaming videos on this site, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of your internet browser (i.e.Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) and also the latest version of Flash.This website was founded on 22 October 2008 by Ali and Hedgeypig with much assistance and support from: Brace Face, Emerald, Dawn, Dreamcatcher, Madnad, Dawn, Tonia, Vivayn It was renamed "Richard Armitage Net" in April 2009.

Facebook page: Richard Armitage Net on Facebook Twitter account: Is there a forum attached?Some galleries have the words 'original image' next to this button, which will open an extra large version of the picture if we have it in our gallery. When you view pages online that you've already visited, your browser will store the pages in its local cache so that the images or text are downloaded only once, thereby speeding up download time.If new updates have been made on any pages or in the picture gallery on this site and you cannot see the changes, you may need to refresh the page.Disclaimer This website has no affiliation with Richard Armitage, his agent or any production company.Richard Armitage does not have an official website.They are not to be posted elsewhere without the permission of the owner.