xperl health bar not updating Rihanna and chris brown are dating behind our backs

Snapchat double-downed on denouncing the ad on Thursday as the Rihanna fallout exploded.

"This advertisement is disgusting and never should have appeared on our service," the company said in a new statement.

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The woman looks distressed in several of the images but later smiles as Brown, 28, releases his grip. There is no need to even defend myself on the matter. She looks pained as Brown pulls her head back and reaches up placing her hand on top of his.

On Thursday Brown shared a message on Instagram where he denied any wrongdoing. As the moment unfolds a woman dressed in a floral dress, sitting on a nearby table, reaches over to try and break the duo apart.

Then -- 3 minutes later -- Chris Brown shows up and walks inside. We don't know if Chris and Rihanna interacted or if it was really awkward, but watch the video and judge for yourself.

There's no sign of Rihanna's new BF, soccer star Karim Benzema.

This feature appears in Complex's February/March 2013 issue.

Rihanna’s moving forkfuls of calamaretti fritti onto her plate at celebrity hot-spot Giorgio Baldi, her favorite restaurant in Santa Monica.

During a standoff with police Brown declared he was innocent in a statement on Instagram.

Snapchat offended a lot of people with an advertisement belittling Rihanna's and Chris Brown's violent past.

“Get a good light,” she says, adjusting the Prada Minimal Baroque glasses on the bridge of her nose.

Her heavy gold necklace slinks around the front of her black adidas sweatshirt as she turns to order spaghetti semplice from the server.

The star and a group of friends were reportedly staying at a rented home during the Ultra electronic music festival in the city.