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The show, however, isn't quite as irreverent and edgy as Mc Manus likes to claim.

When gay American comic Scott Capurro was a guest in 2001, the network was unimpressed with his routine, which included profane jokes about the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, and placed a ban on comedians as guests.

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But reputations are hard to dodge and the one that Mc Manus has acquired over the years is for being slick but uninspiring.

steers towards the safe, mainstream, non-threatening, apolitical, blokey side of comedy.

"We actually have it pretty good, especially for a live show. We've had American guests who come on the show who are astounded with, for a network show, what we can do. We had a guy streak through the audience the other night.

We can have nudity if we choose to have nudity," Mc Manus says, barely concealing his enthusiasm.

She declared her man a "spunk" when the two wed last year, and many a prepubescent girl agrees. "It's odd that people kind of say that as a negative," Mc Manus says when we meet at his company, Roving Enterprises.

Mc Manus's manager, Kevin Whyte, says he is one of those revered men who "wouldn't be kicked out of bed if he farted". The prevailing view is that he's altogether too nice. "I don't know whether they want me to walk around and be a prick.The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser. So says friend and fellow comedian Corinne Grant, in the nicest possible way. With a satin Daffy Duck waistcoat, over a T-shirt of Daffy Duck, with happy pants and Converse runners." He adds: "Nowadays, he's very stylish." Tune into Channel Ten's at 9.30 on Tuesday nights, as an average of 700,000 Australians do these days, and you will find that the goofy teenager from Perth has ditched the happy pants for garb by Arthur Galan, designer to the hip and groovy, creator of paisley shirts and finely tailored suits of velvet, pinstripe and bold contemporary hues.His office is not at all suggestive of a company director; it perpetuates the image of Mc Manus as hyperactive man-child.Long and spacious, it is crammed with so many soft toys - one of Mc Manus's many fixations - it could double as a playpen."People forget that Rove did so many hard years on community TV and in stand-up to get where he is now." Mc Manus, 32, has certainly done the hard yards, but that doesn't mean he should be above criticism.