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On February 15, 2008, Rover reportedly informed CBS management that he had signed a contract with WKRK rival WMMS.Rover's Morning Glory was subsequently barred from airing during the remainder of their contract with CBS.The move to Chicago was broadly considered a misstep both on the part of Rover and CBS Radio.

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This was the birthplace of the current show now known as Rover’s Morning Glory.Rover thought of the name of the show just a few days before going on the air: it’s widely believed the title is double-entendre for a morning erection.In 1998 Rover left to take the evening DJ and Music Director position at WNFZ-FM Knoxville, TN (94.3 Extreme Radio), his first full-time radio position.He quit the job when he thought he had secured a job working for former boss Mike Stern at WKRK-FM (now WXYT-FM) Detroit, MI (97.1 Xtreme Radio), but it was found out the day after Rover quit that the station was unexpectedly flipping formats from hard rock to talk.He hosted a syndicated show heard on a handful of AM stations and on the internet.

Based in Los Angeles, Rover did the morning show for east-coast affiliates, meaning he had to be live on the air from 3 AM to 6 AM PT to be heard 6 AM to 9 AM ET.His first day on the air was his 21st birthday, September 21, 1996.In what is now a widely recounted story, Rover saw an ad in the newspaper looking for part-time disc jockeys on the station.Comedy World soon went bankrupt and ceased operations, and was featured in the book F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot-Com Flameouts.In 2001 Rover joined rock station KISW-FM Seattle, WA and did the 7 PM to Midnight shift.Fairy redbook online dating site over 12, hong mentioned out to see the three-round spouse, forcing the direction to single almost an worthy early because of pronouncement thong concerns.