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If your a frequent visitor to Russia or other FSU especially for work, business, cultural, etc reasons I'm sure you might be able to meet and game a higher class of women but for most of the average guys pipe-lining the internet for a regular relationship, money will be a central consideration especially for a more attractive women. If by "pipe-lining the internet", you talk of mamba, I agree, but there is excellent "East meets West" dating sites where women are legit, genuine, honest, selfless, and value much more intellectual and emotional harmony than the size of a wallet. It's too good, and I don't want that hundreds of new guys start to spam the girls and spoil the answer ratio.

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The dating costs add up quickly in Moscow or Piter. 1) "A Ukrainian women will not go out with a man who decreases her chance for a more comfortable life" 2) "Women evaluate a man's worth not just based on personality or ability to please them sexually but rather how well they could provide financially for them in the future" I totally disagree. All of the 25 yo russian women that I've fucked (and without bragging, there was more than a few) had NO materialistic expectations.

BTW I think that a lot of guys get the impression that Russian women are easy targets. Pro I was par-phasing from Roosh's book, but I tend to generally agree with him. Ukrainian women are on the whole rather mercenary, sneaky and conniving, at least in my opinion. The other one, I won't diffuse its name publically.

Yes - I'm getting a lot of respond on there but it is mainly MILF's, some are even younger such as single Mom's in their 20's.

I have yet to find many attractive single without kids under 30 with a good job/ career.

Most of the girls and women I've invited here still send me from time to time sms or messages on facebook, saying how much they miss the good moments we spent in Paris together. Paul (well-known french bakery stores) pastries: I can offer a little input here.

They do enjoy thug game to some extent, which is great if english is limited and (possibly) the only mutual communication you have are second languages for the both of you.

It's a very direct way of doing things but no doubt saves a lot of wasted dates and time for both parties. I think that such directness which would be somewhat uncouth in the west is actually the way that many women prefer things to be done in the East.

I ask in most part because of the two Russian girls I had over in Nice recently: they want to come visit me in Nice again in July when I will be back here.

They had good jobs, they had a busy cultural and social life, they travelled a lot, they already had access to the best their society has to offer, the bills were paid, and they only felt that the one thing they missed out in life was romance and adventures.

And they didn't expect the relationship to last forever, but just to enjoy the ride. They looked for similarly well-appointed men of same cultural and social level -for those mid to upper class russian women, anything less is not a man worth fucking. What you wrote is surely true for Ukrainian MILFs in Harkov or Nikolaiev working a modest job, having difficulties to make ends meet, single with a kid, ect, but it's definitely not true for most of the women you can meet in Moscow or Piter.

If it's the same one I'm on too let's call it RIR in short - so we are clear it's same one.