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A youth organization in Bishkek has begun collecting funds to help the victims.

The authors of the clips describe themselves as "Kyrgyz patriots" bent on punishing female migrants for allegedly dating non-Kyrgyz men.

RFE/RL was able to track down one of the victims, 20-year-old Ajna (not her real name), who traveled to the Russian capital last year to work as a cleaner.

"But it was not necessary to beat the girls, they could simply have rounded them up and thrown them out of the country so that they would never come back.

"They could have called police officers and told them that these girls lead an immoral lifestyle.

Sometimes, the aggressors shave their victim's eyebrows or threaten her with a knife.

At least five online videos documenting vicious assaults against what appear to be Kyrgyz women in Russia have emerged since March, sowing fear among Kyrgyz migrants and sparking an outcry in the small Central Asian nation.Once in the flat, Ajna recalls, her landlord and his friends, also Kyrgyz migrants, joined in the violence.The video shows them strangling and beating her as she cowers on the ground.Rights groups say this type of punitive assault is not uncommon in Russia, although the country has rarely seen such a ruthless campaign of violence against women."The rhetoric that some women date the wrong men or pay attention to men from other ethnic groups is characteristic of 'patriotic-minded' people," says Natalya Yudina, an expert the Sova organization, which monitors hate crimes in Russia "Similar incidents were reported in Tatarstan.According to Ajna, the assault began in the Moscow metro when her boyfriend, a presumed member of the "patriots," saw her send a message from her mobile phone to a non-Kyrgyz male friend.