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IFC made our week when it announced it had acquired distribution rights to King Cobra, the true-crime porn drama starring James Franco about the the murder of Cobra Video founder Bryan Kocis in 2007, bringing it one step closer to our bedroom screens.

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He also emailed the Cobra Video business email, introducing himself as “Danny Moilin,” a prospective porn model.

Both Harlow and Joseph (played by James Franco) were involved in procuring weapons, renting a vehicle, and organizing the murder of Bryan Kocis in his Pennsylvania home.

Rather, he states “It’s Hollywood’s attempt at bastardizing my early years in porn, one man’s murder, blah blah.” Although he does not approve of this take on the Byan Kocis murder story, he is working on a book that will detail his side of his relationship with Kocis, the murder, and the aftermath.

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Compared to the ,000 per video contract he had with Cobra Video, this was an enormous pay increase.