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Yet, to date, there has been a minimal response by sociologists to seek, describe and understand this influence.

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“I’m thrilled to expand our mission of empowering people in finding lasting love and meaningful intimacy without intercourse,” says Laura B.

“Sex-C individuals now have a platform to start a dating relationship at the point where others ended – the point where we say ‘I’m interested in you, I’m attracted to you, but intercourse is out of the question for me.’” Laura B.

During the dinner a woman who was known as a “sinner” came in, fell at Jesus’ feet weeping, and poured expensive perfume on him.

While Jesus ministered to the woman at his feet, He was also aware of Simon’s private thoughts.

I was still reading the Bible, serving, and living a “good Christian life,” but I know when I am walking with the Lord and when I distant from him.

There is a story in Luke –50 that I believe is all about intimacy with God and what keeps us from it.

I have walked through seasons of deep intimacy with the Lord and walked through many others in which God’s presence has been absent.

Everything on the outside of my life looked the same throughout these seasons.

How many women who see themselves as “sinners” would never come to Jesus because of their shame?

They believe they must stay on the “outside” of the party, perhaps admiring him from a distance.

– a stage IV cervical cancer survivor rendered unable to engage in sexual intercourse after intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments – launched Romance’s forerunner,, in 2011 to address the romantic needs of others who share the commonality of wanting intimacy without intercourse.