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The Site's Contact Filter has blocked you from e-mailing anyone who has set their Mail Settings to block those who have previously messaged others for Sex or Intimate Encounters.The user has email blocked you, which subsequently removes any prior successfully sent messages.

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Your Browser's User Agent is concealed, corrupt or indicates the Presence of Malware, Trojan or Viral Infection. Why can't I send any messages all of a sudden, message disappears like its sent but it doesn't show up in sent msgs, also I can edit my profile it doesn't come up when click to edit it nothing does. ^^^ As stated in numerous other threads be sure that you are not tripping the filters. The recipient has mail settings restricting you from contact.A User's Profile was deleted, but not the actual User Account, resulting from massive Errors generated by a User trying to rig the Voting System utilizing automated Bots or other similar Types of Abuses. There will also be unpublished filters put in place by the Admin for proprietary reasons, such as a high Percentage of E-Mail blocks or a high Contact-to-Complaint Ratio, etc. POF will quarantine some new accounts they deem suspicious for some reason. There may be restrictions you cannot see listed on their profile.2.For these, you will receive a message back saying you can't contact the user.You have a Mail Settings Restriction such as | Dating | and have e-mailed another User with the very same Restriction, or other such Mail Setting Conflict.Do not send HTML Links, Java Code or E-Mail Addresses.

Some Messages which contain any illegal Material or Activities such as "Drugs", "Rape", "Murder", etc. That User has other Contact Restrictions per their Mail Settings.

There are several reasons messages don't get sent - and if it isn't in your Sent Folder, then it didn't.

Sometimes it is due to filters the system has in place to avoid spammers, other times, a number combination is mistaken for a telephone number.

That User E-Mail Blocked you subsequent to receipt of your Message, consequently your 'Sent Mail' disappeared from your Sent Msg/Outbox Folder.

If that User then unblocked you, and you e-mailed again, the same Sequence could re-occur.

You have not only composed and copied the Body of your ASCII (Plain Text) Message from your Text Editor into your E-Mail Message, but also your Text Editor's unrecognized, non-standard Formatting, Document Markup Languages or Control Characters.