Sener dating

The first of these will enable the start-up of a Research and Knowledge Transfer Program in partnership with the University’s Faculty of Engineering, making it possible to create a research team to train SENER’s researchers of the future for research in scientific and technological fields.

The second will be an agreement aimed at continuing education and training for SENER professionals.

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In practice, the agreement will see the two organizations working together on: technological research and knowledge transfer to develop technologies relevant to SENER’s areas of activity; continuing education and training for technicians, specialists and other SENER employees; and the training of young engineers specializing in these technologies.Over this time, both organizations have delivered R&D projects and doctoral theses in relation to SENER’s activities.Examples include new techniques for predictive maintenance in aerospace systems, the development of manufacturing technologies based on high temperature- and stress-resistant alloy deformation processes, and the design of electrical machinery for space applications.This program will benefit from the participation of both the university’s Faculty of Engineering and its Faculty of Business Studies.The agreement signed today has its roots in various research projects carried out under a contract signed by SENER and MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA’S Faculty of Engineering, dating back over seven years.The university wants to actively contribute to improving Basque competitiveness, and the best way to do this is by working with the best companies, a category that includes SENER, one of the top engineering firms in the Basque Country and Spain”.