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If sex toys with audio, data or video recording capabilities are to become more popular, companies must invest in tighter security measures.

Everyone wants a pleasurable experience, but no one wants pleasure badly enough to risk intimate moments going public—at least not without their knowledge or permission.

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Then, All of this is to say that if you're going to purchase connected sex toys, do your research. Still, vulnerabilities exist in any smart device, so recognize the risks before going online.

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It called the function a "minor bug," and told worried users that the sound files were not being sent to their servers.

As The Verge reported, users "gave the app access to the mic and camera but only to use with the in-app chat function and to send voice clips on command—not constant recording when in use."Several other companies have dealt with the problems that arise at the intersection of technology and sex, from butt plugs being suspectible to hackers to "smart" vibrators storing data on a user's preferred rhythm, duration and frequency of use.

I don't want them to do the same thing to other people.

According to several users posting their complaints to Reddit, the Lovense Remote, an app compatible with several sex toys, has been recording audio during their sessions with the toy.

The audio files are apparently routed to a folder within the Lovense app, and that's where they stay whether the user knows it or not.

On Friday, the sex toy company Lovense responded via Reddit to these claims.

The representative also confirmed that the bug has been fixed, and that the cache file will be deleted at the end of each session with this latest version. Earlier this year, a butt plug made by the company — the Hush — was also found to be hackable.