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In Experiments 2 through 4, the powerful were more strict in judging other people’s moral transgressions than in judging their own transgressions. “AIMS: To examine in as naturalistic a setting as possible whether having an alcohol-induced ‘hangover’ impairs psychomotor and cognitive performance.PARTICIPANTS AND DESIGN: The sample consisted of 71 male and female social drinkers who were tested twice, once at baseline and once after exposure to the study condition.Initially males groomed their penis before approaching a nearby female. When the female stopped moving, the male started licking her vagina (cunnilingus).

I’m sure most of us have suffered a boss who tells you to do things that he or she doesn’t.But do these people become hypocrites because they are in positions of power, or were they just born a**holes? Turns out that power doesn’t just corrupt, it makes you a bigger hypocrite. Power increases hypocrisy: moralizing in reasoning, immorality in behavior. You want to call in and take one of your personal days, but is it really worth it?Nature of rectal FB is limited only by the imagination of the patient concerned. While most of the current methods cause involuntary behavior in animals by electronically stimulating the corresponding brain area or muscle, we show that, in turtles, it is also possible to control certain types of behavior, such as movement trajectory, by evoking an appropriate voluntary instinctive behavior.Many techniques have been described for removal and various theories have been put forward to explain the mechanics of the procedure. Read More This isn’t the first time we’ve highlighted a report of a bat species that engages in oral sex.And while you’re at it, update your bookmark and your RSS feed so you can stay on top of their daily posts. How do those rectangular prisms make everything better? Perhaps for the follow up study, they should just ask Paula Deen!

Identification of the characteristics that drive consumer liking of butter.

Read More If you want to do a scientific study of sexual function (in this case, how orgasm changes genital sensitivity), it’s usually necessary to perform it under carefully controlled conditions.

So how do you do that in the context of studying female orgasms? “INTRODUCTION: The effect of sexual arousal and orgasm on genital sensitivity has received little research attention, and no study has assessed sensation pleasurableness as well as painfulness. In this study, the (Italian) scientists set out to answer these questions using (what else? Don’t worry, the authors assure us that they died of “natural causes”…Burial of piglet carcasses in cement: a study of macroscopic and microscopic alterations on an animal model.

“This study identified and explored the sensory characteristics that drive consumer liking of butter.

A trained descriptive panel evaluated 27 commercial butters using a defined sensory language.

” Because it’s not just ROFL science in their sights, but interesting, crazy and weird science that gets you thinking, blushing, or scratching your head. Does everyone like the same aspects of butter, or are different people responding to different characteristics?