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As of 7/14, Winona Diocese wants venue change for civil trial. Judge ruled for Plaintiff 09/03/14, and trial to be split into two phases. Suit filed 5/23/16 re abuse of 4th grade boy at Cathedral, 1969-72. (See Dallas Morning News Article.) In 9/06, some survivors filed suit in Los Angeles accusing a Cardinal from Mexico of covering up Aguilar's past and helping him transfer to US before abuse. He was placed on leave 8/02 after a man reported he had been abused by the priest in 1978 at St. Also accused of participating in mutual masturbation with the other priests while the boy watched. Reportedly "removed from ministry."Source: NY Post ; NY Post ; NY Post ; NY Post ; NY Post ; Associated Press ; USA Today ; Staten Island Advance Assignments: Assignment Record Expelled by Franciscan Order in early 1970s prior to taking solemn vows, but ordained in Cincinnati in 1977. To draw monthly pension with medical and dental coverage for rest of life. Diocese formally requested change of venue or request to indefinitely delay trial. Suit filed 6/14 by 2 brothers claiming Aguilar-Rivera sexually abused them at St. Albeke is only priest on the list whose name had not previouslybeen made public. One of 4 priests alleged to have offered 16- yr-old boy money for sex, threatening to harm him if he told.All fled the country (with support from Archdiocese) after suits filed. Per 1989 Directory, assigned to Bradford Christian Central High School. Convicted 1986 of 26 counts of felony molestation of 4 boys.

A second incident occurred in June, when Apura attempted to remove the same boy's pants. Diocese says this is only complaint it has received re Apura. In 1999, Atwood was charged with public indecency in a park known for homosexual activity. Source: Columbus Dispatch ; Columbus Dispatch ; 10 TV ; Columbus Dispatch ; Fox 28 ; NBC4i ; SNAP Statement ; Newark Advocate ; Fox 28 ; Bishop Accountability ; Boston Globe ; Boston Globe ; Bostoncom ; Columbus Dispatch ; The Patch ; WBUR ; WBUR ; 10TV ; SNAP ; Columbus Dispatch ; Columbus Dispatch Assignments: Assignment Record Police found Aube & boy in car having sex in 1975, Suit filed 4/02 accused him of abusing one youth from 1979-1986 in Rochester, NH. At least 1 claim included in 11/02 M settlement involving 62 victims and 28 priests. Source: Union Leader ; Associated Press ; Union Leader ; Union Leader ; Boston Globe (AP) ; Union Leader ; Manchester Report by NH Atty General ; Union Leader ; Union Leader ; Union Leader ; Concord Monitor ; NH AG Audit Records ; Concord Monitor Assignments: Manchester Diocesan File Summary; Assignment Record with Links to Articles and Documents Accused of abuse on unspecified date and location per diocesan records. Admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking pot with young boys. As of 2002, Aurelio was living in Florida and no longer functioned as a priest. Included in 3/20/18 diocesan list as removed, retired, or having left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.Suspended by bishop without privileges during investigation. Pleaded guilty 8/15 to aggravated criminal sexual contact. in prison and ordered to register as sex offender upon release, and lifetime parole. 2005 article cites more than 1 credible allegation against him. Orange made 2005 settlement for ,169,325 but did not include him in list of abusive priests. Pled no contest in 2000 to urinating on a tree; paid fine. 5/02 suit alleged he abused 13 yr old boy between 19. He was also supervisor of Paul Desilets just before Desilets was transferred to Canada after parents complained to Aubut. No formal determination of guilt either because he died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death. Listed as having died in 2009; diocesan list includes deceased priests only if they have more than one allegation.Time to be served at specialized adult treatment center for sex offenders. Source: Gallup (NM) Independent ; Arizona Republic ; Gallup Independent ; Gallup Independent ; Gallup Independent ; Gallup Diocese [downloaded ; Arizona Journal ; Gallup Independent Assignments: Gallup Diocese [downloaded ]Sued 1993. LA archdiocese counts 5 accusers alleging abuse between 1967-1986. Per 2002 article, he is still part of Order and works at the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother in Portland, Ore. Source: LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 (article); LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 7; LA Times ; OC Register ; OC Register ; OC Register ; OC Weekly ; OC Register Assignments: Directory Listings Compiled by Arellano of OC Weekly; LA Times Database 4.20.06Documents revealed in 2002 that in 1993 Atwater was accused of abuse of a 14-yr-old boy who was a Cardinal Cushing Academy student in 1971, when Atwater was the school's Director. He retired in 2002 and was sent for therapy which said he "had no sexual conflicts." In 2/02 another man alleged he was abused by Atwater at same school some time after 1967. Source: Boston Globe ; Boston Globe ; Patriot Ledger ; National Catholic Register ; Salem News ; The Patch Assignments: Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record Removed 7/16/13 without faculties after 7/15/13 allegation received of sexual abuse at Bishop Ready High School and/or St. Included on Attorney Garabedian's list 3/28/16 of accused clerics named in civil claims resulting in settlements or arbitration awards re alleged abuse of a boy while assigned to Bishop Ready High School, Columbus OH, 1975-80. Aubut was sued in at least one lawsuit because he was Desilets' immediate supervisor. Source: Documents released by Boston Archdiocese; Boston Globe ; Boston Herald ; National Catholic Register ; Salem News Assignments: Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Assignment Record In 1993 Aurelio admitted to sodomizing 3 boys, ages 12-14, 15-20 yrs previously. Source: Buffalo News ; Buffalo News ; Buffalo News ; Statement by Bishop Head in Buffalo News ; Buffalo News ; Buffalo News ; Buffalo News ; Buffalo News ; Buffalo News ; Buffalo News ; WIVB ; Buffalo News ; Buffalo News ; Buffalo Stories ; Diocese of Buffalo ; Buffalo News ; Olean Times Herald Assignments: Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History Had relations w/ youth of "about 18" in Diocese of Brooklyn in 1973 before transferring to Orlando after youth threatened to reveal. At least 4 civil suits filed 1985 against Authenrieth and Orlando Diocese re abuse of boys. Source: LA Times ; Collection of Articles prior to ; Corona del Mar Today ; Daily Pilot ; Orange County Weekly ; The Patch ; LA Daily News ; Huffington Post (AP) ; LA Times ; Santa Barbara Independent ; LA Times ; CBS 12 ; Worthy Adversary ; BBC News ; CNN ; Democrat and Chronicle ; Grand Forks Herald ; LA Times ; LA Times ; NBC News ; CBS Los Angeles ; LA Times ; NBC Southern California ; LA Times ; National Catholic Reporter ; LA Times ; Raw Story ; Beach Reporter Assignments: Assignment Record Teacher/trainer/coach in MN, MI, VA, PA.Mental health evaluation found Apura to have "repetitive and compulsive behavior."Source: CBS Philly ; CSNPhilly ; Mercer County Prosecutor ; Planet Princeton ; Statement by Diocese of Trenton ; The Trentonian ; Times of Trenton ; Asbury Park Press ; Courier-Post ; Philly Com ; New Jersey Com ; The Trentonian Assignments: The Trentonian In 2004 Diocese named him as one of six priests accused of the sexual abuse of minors. In 9/04 a man says he was abused by Atwater at age 12 in approximately 1969. Suits settled out of court and at least M paid to three youths; a fourth settled for 0K. Molested boys and girls when giving massages for injuries.Please send us any assignment records that know about or come across: * In your daily newspaper reading * In your personal experience, if you are a survivor of abuse * In the research that you've done, if you are a lawyer or a reporter working in this area If you would like to join the Service Record Project as a volunteer -- for a few hours, or a few hours per week, or anything in between -- please read our guide to service record research, and email us to let us know you're interested. Ordained for Great Falls diocese, to MN in 1962 and incardinated in New Ulm diocese 1968. Source: Bemidji Pioneer ; Bishop Accountability Lists ; CBS Minnesota ; Diocese of New Ulm List ; KEYC ; Mankato Free Press ; Minnesota Public Radio ; Star Tribune Assignments: Diocese of New Ulm Assignment Record Sued 2004. He sued her for defamation of character (also sued SNAP and woman's attorney) but his suit dismissed 4/06.

This is work that you can do at a local Catholic college library or at most central city libraries, and you can email, snail mail, or even phone us the results. Others were created by lawyers and investigative reporters. Officially incardinated into Diocese of Santa Rosa in 1996.Allegations against all six were received during 2003 and deemed credible by Diocese. Authenrieth admitted abuse but was never prosecuted. Anotherfiled 8/14 re abuse at All Souls parish in Sanford. Removed in 2000 after MI allegation; lived under supervision. Ball criminally charged in 1999 with 31 counts of sexually abusing two other boys from 1979-1986. .2M civil settlement from Diocese & Order in 6/03. Source: Press-Enterprise ; Chicago Tribune ; Press Enterprise ; Press Enterprise ; Press Enterprise ; Inland Valley Daily Bulletin ; San Bernardino Sun ; San Bernardino Sun ; San Bernardino Sun ; Find Law ; Press Enterprise ; Press Enterprise ; Reno Gazette-Journal Assignments: Assignment Record Accused of sexually assaulting a former altar boy in 1985 at St. Case was settled with others by the Bridgeport diocese in 10/03. Reportedly had "relationship" with a 12-year-old in Waukesha in 1987. Kilian Parishes in Lyons and to Nursing Home Ministry. Name on Archdiocese's 7/04 list of priests fully restricted (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse. Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ; Archdiocese of Wilwaukee List ; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders ; Menomonee Falls Patch ; Waukesha Patch ; Daily Journal (AP) Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record Placed on leave in 2002 pending review of past allegations.Per March 1996 obituary, he was born in the Philippines; came to the states in1975. Removed 9/03 from duties as teacher at Covington Latin School after accusations of abuse. probation and 45 days in House of Corrections under work-release program. In 1995 he began working as state-licensed professional counselor until State ordered him to surrender his license 7/03. Removed from ministry 10/85 and was sent to the House of Affirmation in Massachusetts. removed his name from an endowed chair in the philosophy department because of the abuse. Name included on Seattle archdiocese's list 1/15/16 of clergy and religious with admitted, established or credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor. First known abuse in MN 1977; reported 2003, settled 2005. Allegations in 2011 re Bishop Mc Cort HS in Johnstown PA. M settlement with 88 survivors announced 10/21/14. Criscitelli each charged with endangering the welfare of children and criminal conspiracy. Bradley Baldwin, TOR suspended pending investigation of his supervisory role. In 1993, was placed under restrictions re ministry and contact with minors. He had previously received evaluation and treatment and then been returned to active ministry.Bishop has launched a project to gather and post the assignment records of every U. Catholic priest who has been accused of sexual abuse since 1940, so that vulnerable communities can be identified and bishops' transfer policies can be determined. One 2006 case dismissed 2010 reinstated by Court of Appeals 6/11; rejected by MN Supreme Court 7/12. He was not removed from duties but Bishop did meet with the accuser. Would target troubled adolescent males, then molest them. Admitted to sexual behavior with four youths, saying he thought he was "acting out of love." Laicized by Vatican as of 10/05.See below for a brief description of assignment records and their importance, easy ways that you can help with this project, and our initial list of assignment records. In 4/09 the same man came forward again, this time with more evidence and proof that he was a minor at the time of the abuse. A 2004 suit alleging abuse from 1977-1981 dismissed after Ohio Supreme Court ruled victims must file before the age of 20. Order investigated and could not find sufficient information to support the allegations. Another accuser then surfaced alleging abuse as an 8th-grade boy, on a trip to New York with Albrecht.