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Snap Travel’s Emma: Aiming to be a Full-Service Concierge Hussein Fazal, CEO of Snap Travel, believes in this model of bots as trusted personal advisors. As Fazal explained, the service is currently a hybrid of automated algorithms and human input.

The Snap Travel bot, launched today for the Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Slack, tries to mimic the same level of service that travelers used to receive from human travel agents. I told the bot the city and dates of my travel and also specified a nightly budget.

For Bunardzic, bots hold the promise of bringing us back to those good ol’ days when we could get expert, one-on-one advice from a trusted advisor.

But if I learn that I can rely on Snap Travel to ferret out the best value hotel for me no matter when or where I want to go, I’m likely to become a repeat user of the service.

Doing a very quick comparison of the Snap Travel experience to that of using the Expedia bot, Snap Travel’s Emma seems to strive to be more of a full-service advisor.

The goal of Snap Travel is to find the traveler a hotel that represents the best value.

Best value doesn’t necessarily mean the least expensive option.

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Based on this knowledge, it can tailor future recommendations to ensure that it presents you with 4-star options, even if they’re outside your target budget.

The bot includes natural language processing that enables it to recognize not only city names, but terms such as “romantic” or “close to the beach.” Are bots the end of self-service?

As Opus Research delves into the bifurcated domain of Intelligent Assistance, it has become increasingly evident that today’s bot developers and customer care professionals live in parallel universes.

In a post issued in 2011, when coining the term “Conversational Commerce”, Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder with Opus Research, anticipated “the advent of true self-service.” Noting that the combination of smartphones, “The Cloud,” speech recognition with natural language understanding, and recognizing that our spoken words are assets, he saw “the foundation for smartphone-based services that are highly responsive to individual end-users.” In other words, the drudgery associated with searching for products and services, selecting a preferred vendor, seeking help and advice and ultimately committing to make a transaction could be carried out under the individual’s control, through a conversational interface.

The bot also takes into account factors such as user ratings, number of stars, and the property’s location score.