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The primary difference is the age at which we learn key relationship skills.

The usual times when an individual may learn how to date, and sort out their feelings about sex, relationship drama and others factors often occurs in mid-to-late teens and early adulthood; after heterosexual individuals have already learned many of these skills.

She wrote a letter to Steve Harvey and Shirley Strawberry, who co-host a popular segment on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” called “Strawberry Letters,” hoping to get some guidance.

“Your crazy ass, sitting here talking about ‘the other guy’…

At a recent dinner party, a guy friend of mine mentioned that he wanted to start a podcast about sex.

We spoke to Harvey over the phone from the set of his radio show to discuss the media’s obsession with single black women, why dating white men isn’t trading up, and why he won’t write a book for men.

I listen to “Strawberry Letters” on your morning show, and I wonder: Why do you think women call you with their problems?