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She wrapped it around her body, settling her breasts into the underwired cups.

She squealed as I used my tongue to part the petal-like lips of her cunt and lick at the glistening pink inner flesh."Get undressed, David," she said hoarsely."I need this, I need it badly."She stroked her pussy whilst watching me strip off. She sighed and sucked her own juices from her finger as I took off my trousers. Now naked, I knelt between her legs and crushed my lips against hers.She moaned in the back of her throat as my prick slid into her pussy and I felt her legs wrapping round me."Ooh yes," she crooned,."This is what I need, give it to me David darling, fuck me, fuck me hard."Her body clenched beneath me.""Oh yes, a grieving widow would hardly wear a mini skirt, would she?

""She probably wouldn't wear a sheer black thong either, David, but it's called poetic license."She stood for a moment, looking at herself in her full length mirror before going into a walk in wardrobe and coming out again wearing a small black hat with a face veil."How's that?"Hi mum."She was standing at the sink, looking good as usual in tight pink trousers and a white top. ""Oh you know same old stuff, but at least it's Friday.I can relax for the weekend.""Well I'm not sure about that. If it's a big job I might stay over so don't worry if I'm not back.""Well I hope she appreciates it, you're always over there helping her out.""It's no bother mum.There was a pair of sheer black panties and matching stockings next to it."I need help doing it up. ""I'm not sure, but I'll give it my best shot.""I'm sure you will, David."She unknotted the belt and allowed her robe to slither to the floor.I felt my cock hardening as I looked at her, the beautiful firm breasts with their pink nipples, the flat stomach and the tiny triangle of her pubic hair pointing like an arrow down to her beautiful little slit."You're beautiful, Aunt Pat," I croaked, my mouth suddenly dry."Thank you." She smiled and reached for the basque.She bent from the waist and my prick jerked as I looked at the tiny puckered hole of her anus.