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Following the south path, we come to the final lift. This is a good place to save before trying to do 14's lottery. Continue south from this point, and a cut-scene soon takes over.

There's a little alcove along the way to the boss with another Pure Seed hidden in it.

Our only other route into Wales blocked, we must travel through an abandoned, monster-infested mine. Rhondda Mine is our largest dungeon to date, but it's fairly straightforward.

There aren't any real puzzles to speak of, but there's a hell of a lot of easily overlooked loot.

Nocturne hadded two extra dungeons and extra sub events.

The big deal, though, would have to be the video trailer of Shadow Hearts 3, selectable from the main menu.

Besides Barghest, Propolis and Tammuz, there's the giant Lambton Worm.

And by giant, I mean the characters barely reach his lower set of arms. - The first point of interest on the tour is a Lottery Ticket hidden in the corner of the path that leads off to the left before you get to the Save Point. - Further down the same path, there's a chest with a Mana Seed. - Continuing on, there's a Thera Seed hidden in another dead-end path. - Along the path to the lift, we run into another chest, this one with another Thera Seed. - Taking a short side trip, we find Blanca's new weapon, Whetstone! - We soon come to the lift, but before we take it, there's another Lottery Ticket hidden behind the sign.

- Eventually, we come to a place where the lights are out, preventing us from continuing.

- We encounter the same thing on a second path, leaving us with only the route south.

Even though his element is Darkness, Grimlock has the Light-based spell, Heaven.

This eventually brings us back to the cave, and we're able to reach the man we saw earlier. If you used up all your healing items in the mine, this is a good place to buy more before facing the boss fight. I pound on Grimlock for awhile, and even manage to pull of the Light Combo Magic, Holy Pulse. *sparkle* *sparkle* The bastard used Gale right after that, so I wasn't able to get off any more 4-man Combos.

Yuri and his companions must journey to find a cure for his curse and defeat the malevolent cult.