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An automatic debit for 0.00 was taken from my account for an additional six months that I did not authorize.

When I called's customer service number I was told that I had agreed to a renewal six months ago when I initially signed up.

ANY problem I have they charge back the full amount immediately no questions asked. They also provide a new card and number for free any time.

The first agent was unable to grant me my refund because I was not "eligible" for the refund.

So, her supervisor got on the phone with me and repeated the same reason to me.

What they don't tell you is how many people come away with less money in their bank account and feeling utterly dissapointed when they paid money thinking that was going to give them a better chance of finding someone when all that did was put more money into that site.

Don't forget BBB when you have a business complaint if they are affiliated.

A full, no-questions-asked refund if you’re not satisfied with this service!

Single Net Member | Singles Net Dating | Singles Net – Interested in dates, videos, blogs and columns ? With a 100% money back guarantee, there is literally nothing to lose by signing up to Singles Net today!No way to rebill without you depositing more money. If you had googled you would of known match is famous for this crap. They would give out tons of FREE one month memberships and no matter when you asked to cancel or how hard you tried to cancel the billing went on month after month with them. You just have to be more careful and read before you sign up. If they ask for a credit card for something that is "free"...chances are...there will be an automatic renewal unless you are proactive about cancelling something similar with an easy date company, all the profiles that had messaged me before paying deleted their profiles within a few weeks of me joining, understand they have 13 dating forums of that site were mostly about sex and nothing else I just cancelled as they were not very good! And I told her that one day our grandson might be using it. I never even looked at it, until two years and three months after I had buried my wife. It's a useless dating site and has no other reasonf for existing except to take money off you. I joined a while ago and one of my profile photos was repeatedly rejected even though it broke no rules.I didn't get very many responses (they have a much smaller pool of datable people) and the ones they matched me up with did not meet my criteria AT ALL! I keep my charter membership FOREVER, as long as I don't actually delete it. This is in contrast to loads of other profiles I saw of people wearing sunglasses in their profile photo, side on views etc.I would like to refer you to the THOUSANDS of complaints on the consumer affairs website. free to pass this information along to anyone you like.Which is by the way a good thing to do periodicly when shopping online and easy and free when you find the right company.