Sirius radio keeps updating

Janus 5 offers the best Solar Eclipse Maps and Theme Maps in existence, the most powerful Astrological Calendar, very enhanced Traditional Astrology functions, an even easier-to-use improved interface, and even a Vedic module!I am offering it at an excellent introductory price here, and you can read an introductory review of it here (and a two part complete review in the next two issues of The Mountain Astrologer) Janus 5 is the only astrology program that offers full Natal, Transit, Compatibility, and Relocation reports built in (all licensed for resale too). I just revised an old article I'd written in order to make it more current and more instructive.Certainly his latest gaffes concerning the Charlottesville tragedy have cost him a great deal, so hopefully the eclipse energy won't make his behavior even worse.

It's about how adversity can be our teacher, and how the "bad houses" can help us along the way. NASA has created a wonderful new e Book of photographs and information about the completed Cassini orbital mission around Saturn. , quoting from two reliable references (One Traditional Chinese and one Ayurvedic) and then providing links to a few top articles summarizing the research on the health benefits of Oud.

They have thoughtfully provided it in many formats, including i Book, Kindle, and PDF (which they call Fixed Layout) here. On the second new page, Part Twelve, I introduce five new Ouds from Ensar Oud, and address the question, "What to ask an Oud purveyor before ordering from them." Millions of people have been devastated by the flooding in Texas, and in order to help, I have decided to donate 10% of my commissions on all software sales to the AARP relief fund through September 15th.

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(He has the North Node conjunct his Sun at birth, at the top of his chart, see below).

As I indicated in my previous article about his chart, many of his behaviors can be attributed directly to the effects of the North Node (Rahu) conjunct the Sun, who is also the ruler of the chart in Western (Tropical) and Vedic (Sidereal) charts.(After all, that's when they start being called president-elect!) This has been made even more obvious in the case of Donald Trump. the 18 year period when the North Node is completely activated), with just 8 days to go.One of my website visitors is the author of an article on computer and internet security.He has kindly offered this article here to you, my readers, so that you can understand the issues concerning protecting your computer more easily. It is a major update, one of the most comprehensive that I've encountered.(You can find my astrology software order form here, or visit my websites devoted to specific astrology programs here.