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However, although many people spent considerable part of their lives interacting with social media, others refuse to engage with online social networking.Let's dissect some of the benefits and dangers of social networking.

Social networks offer their users the capacity to get almost immediate access to information about things happening elsewhere.When something important happens in the world people often find out almost immediately through social media.Thanks to the social networks some people and small companies can gain visibility for their products and creations without having to invest much in advertising.Social networks can also very effective ways to find a job, a business partner or an employee.Some social media such as Linked In, Skype, Slack and Meetup are becoming important tools for our work and business networking.

To the extent that many cities are offering free public Wi Fi to their citiezens.Social networks serve to disseminate information, but the validity of this information cannot always be verified.Thus, social media can be used to spread rumors, propaganda, and misleading information, now often referred to as "post truth" or "alternative facts." Sometimes this information can have negative impact on the lives of people. Social media have become a source of entertainment but also a means of procrastination.Just by spending five minutes on your Twitter, Facebook or Reddit feed you can learn about global social, cultural and economic events and trends.They even allow to shame the politicians and other people that have done or said something unethical or wrong.Finally, social platforms, such as netivist, help to promote public participation and civic engagement.