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Children were stolen from their parents and placed in homes where they were to be trained in the ways of white people and to become, for example, farm labourers if boys and domestic servants if girls.

These were either government-controlled reserves or Church-controlled missions.

In both cases our people were forced to suffer extreme regimentation and to rely on rations for sustenance.

There are two grounds for proving that Native Title continues to exist under the common law.

The claimant group must prove that it owns the land under the relevant Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander customary land laws, and the descendants of the group who owned the land in 1788, must have had a continuous association with the land.

Changes in constitution recognises Aboriginal people an Australian citizen with equal rights to vote.

The cattle industry reacts by phasing out Aboriginal labour and driving Aboriginal communities off properties.While the sovereignty of the Crown continues, terra nullius is found to have never existed and instead native title has been recognised.Aboriginal customary land law - or native title - continues alongside British Common and statute law.Yes, it looks like Bravo's most eligible bachelor may finally be ready to settle down and he's inviting viewers along on his cross-country journey to find the one.will follow the 37-year-old as he travels to various cities across the country in the hopes of finding true love and a committed relationship, with friends in each location setting him up with women they feel might be the perfect partner for him.By the 1930's it was further decided that the Aboriginal problem would be solved by all our people becoming white.