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BUT,if you read the fine print it also read that there is a monthly charge for the membership and another fee after the free trial had expired- I immediately closed out of the site but now it's all making sense why I'm getting calls from this odd number with an area code of (from NJ)- I guess I forgot to remove my telephone number or something from the website- As soon as I read the fine print I stopped filling out the application 'cause it didn't sound good- AND, in the fine print it reads "Google does not endorse" the product (or something to that affect)This company is doing my web site for me, should I be worried?So far they all seem really nice and they did get my webname "registered" or whatever and have got alot of info from me for the site content- If anyone else has got a web site through them and see's this please respond with your resultsthey are i called them becasue they had houses for sell on the internet and they tried to get my information i gave them my address and name but then they began asking for my credit card information like my middle initial then i asked what company this was and he hung up HAHAHAH frauds This is the main corporate number for DIRECTV-Here are their corporate officers:investor-directv-com corporate-governa , rs default-aspx And here are email addresses that people can send comments to:email (Mike White, CEO)email (Ed Balcerzak, Sr VP, Customer Care)email (Patrick Doyle, EVP & CFO)email (Patrick Doyle, EVP & CFO)email (Bruce Churchhill, EVP)email (Bruce Churchhill, EVP)and a few other folks:email (Ron Hyland, VP customer care)email (Heywot Bitew, Sr Customer Care Analyst)email (their email fraud folks)email (customer mgt?

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then he wanted me hurry up and get a pay voucher from CVS- i did a report with the BBBwaited til early in the morn b work and i called that number back and i t wont pick up and the answer machine says the company name as "MAGIC JACK" sta away from the ppl I was also scamed by the fake company, I do have a copy of the supposed contract that the faxed me, if you need a copy please let me know- I will also be willing to help with any legal route that you choose to take against this company my personal email is email if you wish to contact me- I did file a complaint with the better business bureau against the other company Caller left a voicemail- Said his name was "Paul" and said he was calling from the "accounts department calling about your funds and your money" and to call him back at this number- Definitely a scam- Didn't call back Well i just got a call from the asking me for my name and social securty number along with my wifes- They also wanted our birthdates- When i asked why they need that info since they called me they should know whom they are talking to or want to talk to- They said its a wuto diler and they dont know whom they are calling till i give them my info- I said no and they said please sir stop yelling at me- That this call is being recorded and that if i kept yelling they would send it to the police- i laughed at them and the call me a hole and said they are fowarding it to the cops that they well be a my door soon- Well my lawyer has a copy of the call too lol- Were are taking them to court now- Because they have no reason to call me due to the fact i have no bills with them- its so funny to mehe IM'ed me weeks ago on Friday, and was telling me, that he is black and the person in the pic is not him- He said, that there is no James- I told him about this message board and how he has scammed women, he said I should post something too- He's a real I answered this call and was verbally assaulted with vulgarities and profanity- They called six times - I answered one more time and said I would call the police if they kept calling, and they said, "Go ahead" - answer with caution Just received a call from the above referenced phone number stating they where from a "Health Department" I dropped the call due to the fact I get these types of calls all the time; I'M SICK & TIRED OF IT Everytime one of these individuals call me, it's a different telephone number Hoy ro Diciembre recibi un mensaje de texto que decia: Muchas felicidades, su numero fue seleccionado ganador del segundo lugar un Honda Accord LX- Favor de comunicarse con el Sr Betancourt, Habla como persona de caserio, sin embargo, tiene argumentos convincentes hasta que te pide que vayas a recibir algo a Kmart, Econo y otro que no recuerdo ASTA FUNDING, PALISADES, LOCAL OFFICE, ETC, ETC THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE GOING TO OUTSMART YOU-THEY CALL FROM DIFFERENT NUMBERS SPOOF NUMBERS SO THEY COME UP WITH ALL DIFFERENT NAMES INCLUDING PEOPLES NAMES EVEN HAD MY OWN NUMBER COME UP ON MY I-D- WHEN THEY CALLED- THE ONLY WAY THEY WILL EVER GET ME IS IF THEY HAVE THE SHERIFF BRING PAPERS TO MY DOOR- DON'T EVER CALL THEM BACK OR ANSWER WHEN THEY CALL- THEY CAN TRY ALL THE TRICKS THEY CAN THINK OF BUT THEY WILL NEVER TALK TO ME ON THE PHONE TRUST ME- WHAT I DO ALOT IS FORWARD NUMBERS THEY CALL FROM TO A NUMBER THAT I KNOW HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED- KEEP TRYING DUMB'Hello, I have received a US Federal Grant Offer from this number (,) at : PM October , -The name of the Caller: Kevin Javin He said that I was approved for a ,- Grant from the US Federal Grants Department, Washington, DC-He asked me to call his Senior Account: Jordin Smith at (Indian Accent)He gave me an ID# JSThis is the third call I have received, offering me Grants (also Indian Accent)The previous one came from the The U-S- Department of Health and Human Services Independence Avenue, S-W-Washington, D-C- Cody Camvey, Grant Manager Tele: -Password ?SMI reported this to I called HHS Consumer Protection @ , Also , Thank You Dr- Collins I am in Australia and I received the same message as you- Thank you for posting this scam on line- I must be due for one more scam as I received a telephone scam saying they were calling from Microsoft I called this number back from an unregistered prepaid mobile phone- I got a pre-recorded (possibly non-human) message identifying the company as American Coradius International (ACI)- According to the best available research, ACI has been operating as a debt collection agency out of Amherst, NY- There are also many complaints about how they operate outside of FDCPA guidelines This female phoned and stated that she was from Prince Georges Circuit Court and calling on behalf of Brenda somebody who was filing a charge against me- Please return her call , Don't feed into this- It should be a law against this My son has also recieved several calls, all hours day and night, on his cell from this number- He likes to say a few choice words to them: I called them back and got the same middle-eastern message as others have stated- Pressed the option - Left a message stating that if they did call again I was reporting them to the local police- I guess we'll see Robo call saying there is an IRS lawsuit against me to call back before it is sent to courts- Left messages today- ( ) I called back they say IRS - male with heavy accent- I ask who it is and why they are calling me and he asked me who I was- I would not say he would not say He mispronounced VAGINAL once I could understand him- Said he was from Compensation dept and I kept asking from what company , Then he finally put me on the line with a supervisor- I could understand her but it sounded like one of the firms you see on TV,looking for business They have been calling me repeatedly for about a month now- I finally answered a couple of weeks ago, could barely understand the person on the other end but told them I am not interested in anything they are trying to sell me and to quit calling- Last Friday, they called every hour for most of the day- I picked up twice, said "don't call me anymore" and hung up- They have called twice today but only let it ring once before they disconnected- I am going to start blowing a whistle in their ear everytime they call- Maybe that will get them to stop, Spammers trying to sell copier stuff- OBVIOUS TELEMARKETER FRAUD Here is the message from my receptionist: "I received a call from Shawn- He is a part of the Customer Service for the Copier that is in your office- He needs the serial number on the front- However, he hung up before I was able to transfer or get his phone number- His caller ID was ," Caller ID says "DISTRIBUTION SV"- Better Business Bureau has no record on them- California Secretary of State has no record on them- BEWAREThe caller, GEORGIA CALL ( displayed as ID on our - ), called us @ - noon, , FTC suggest us do not answer unwanted call on the spot- I returned the call hiding my name, a man answer & kept asking" Who you are?" I asked him why he called & what company-" He hung me up-Caller: GEORGIA CALLReceived a call from a company saying they would reduce my mortgage- Don't have a mortgage, so tried to connect to a person to be removed from calling list- When a black male picked up, I said "you simply must stop calling this number-" Said male replied "oh, I am quaking in my boots, I'm so scared of what you'll do if we don't stop calling you-" Wowza- He identified my number, then asked for my name, to which I replied "sorry, you are now on my 'do-not-talk-to list'" and hung up- Twenty minutes later, same auto call, connected to person again (out of curiosity)- Female (anita) - asked for a manager, refused to connect me, then told me she could not transfer a call from that phone line, but gave me the number , to reach a manager- When I connected through, the voicemail box was full- Yeah- Anita gave me a company name of "family first home preservation services," which is clearly bogus- Also a # , Did a * on the original call, and it was a #Scam- It's a recording, not a real person, that says it's the IRS and you need to call them back with payment or you will go to jail.It's frustrating because they call numerous times a day and I'm on a DO NOT CALL list.Do you know how much the creditors paid for this account- They bought the account from the lender for and that they didn?

t want the money they only wanted to sue and press charges against me- Then he told me that it will be reported to my employer and fraud will be placed on my credit report- I said, I am currently looking at my statement from the time I opened my account until today's date and there is no electronically deposits in there- The phone got quiet and I kept saying hello, hello, and hello and there was no answer so I hung up and called my bank- They even checked and verified for me that there were no electronically deposits made to my account other then my payroll- They told me that I may want to contact a lawyer because something wasn't right-Well I called the number back that a guy named Frank Peterson left for me and there was no answer- It just rung- As soon as I hung up, my co-worker forwards me a call and guess that it was, yes it was Eric Matthews- I told him I just got off the phone with my bank and they verified the same thing my statements said- He seem to then get upset and said well your court date is tomorrow and if you aren't here then the police are going to come for you- So I asked him, how was I going to make it to California and I live in the District of Columbia?

I thought a human had to pick up Got messages from this number today: one for being a secret shopper- respond to , one for a gift card, respond to , I'm certain they don't have any response to me replying "stop" except to confirm I'm real- I'm blocking the number hereafterthese clowns are trying to reach a deadbeat brother and have been told repeatedly to not call my number that no one by that name lives here I record their phone numbers, name and date of call- Additionally, I record all phone calls and tell them not to call again or I will consider any further calls harassment and sue them for damages as well as turn them over to the prosecuting attorney Called my cell phone in mid-July, - The male caller asked for me by name even though I did not recognize the number- I heard a bunch of noise in the background and the guy hung up- Never said who he was or where he was calling from- I blocked the number after that Received a message about : this morning from a 'female?

' named Mia saying come outside- If Mia was outside my house at that time she is deffinately lost because I don't know a 'Mia'- Absolutely an up and coming scam of some sorti have been getting calls from the phone number, for the last few weeks,once a person was there and i ask them not to call me again,then it stop for about a three week period and now it calls about every minutes,i have tried to block the call-no good-now when it calls and you call back ,messages is that the number is no longer in service any more-calls start about am pacific stand time and stop about pm,how do i get rig of it My number is registered on the "do not call" list but after years on the list I still get these calls This one called twice in one day around : in the morning and : in the afternoon- No message left either time- Caller ID only said "Illinois Call"Do another WHOIS lookup NAMEBAY Domain Name : IPHONETESTS-COM Created On : , Expiration Date : , Status : ACTIVE Registrant Name : Quentin Bailat Registrant Street : av Henri-Golay Registrant City : Ch?

0390883 mobile phone number series is operated by .

0390883 location is traced at Melbourne, Melbourne - Victoria, Australia.

telaine Registrant State Province : CH Registrant Postal Code : Registrant Country : CH Admin Name : Quentin Bailat Admin Street : av Henri-Golay Admin City : Ch?