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The cast includes stunt drivers from all over the UK and Northern Ireland.

The action and excitement from one of the most popular and enduring film series of all-time will come to life in this ground-breaking live-arena tour, Fast & Furious Live.

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As time and weather changes, go to our World Clock to get the current time and weather information, as well as the weather forecast for your departure or arrival city.The local times for sunrise and sunset in the departure and arrival cities are based on the time when the upper part of the Sun becomes visible above the horizon, while sunset is when the last part of the Sun is about to disappear below the horizon.The columns located under Local time in show the local times in all of the selected cities at each step of the itinerary.The times highlighted in bold correspond to the departure and arrival times located in the Event column.You can find out the length of day for any date or location with the Sunrise/Sunset Calculator.

The international dialing codes for the departure and arrival cities are displayed here if you need to make a phone call to someone in another country or if someone is trying to call you from another country.

Thousands of the world’s best stunt performers and drivers applied for the opportunity to join the production and, following extensive auditions, have been whittled down to the ultimate elite team who have started a rigorous 4-month training camp in preparation for the world tour.

They will be joined by some of the world’s leading parkour athletes resulting in a truly global cast who will be performing incredible stunts and never-before-seen live action.

Hills or mountains are not taken into consideration.

The length of day calculates the current date’s time from sunrise to sunset for the departure city and arrival city.

This indicates the difference in local time between the departure city and the arrival city.