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This will be the first time the company has hosted an event such as this so tables are expected to be filled fast.

Why not book a table with one of your gal pals and have a toast to being single.

Enjoy talking and flirting with many single people at each one of our events, a great chance to meet single people and then choose who you want to date!

Treatment: All The Single Ladies Get four or more of your friends together and each have a wonderful massage in the comfort of your own home (as long as it’s in or around Glasgow), you can each choose from a 30-minute Tension-relief Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, Melt Away Face & Scalp Massage or Walk-on-Air Blissful Foot Massage. Comedy: The Comedy Store Manchester Valentine’s Night Laugh in the face of singledom with The Comedy Store’s special night of Valentine’s comedy, which you can be pretty sure is not going to highlight the bliss of romantic love and the joys of harmonious union between man and woman.Or maybe you just need to improve your own aim with Cupid’s Bow? OUTSIDE LONDON Festival: Cupids In Nooses Live music all day, interspersed with magic, burlesque, dead flowers and meals for one at this event in Sheffield.There’s also an Anti-Valentine’s Poetry Competition with a prize for the winner.

Theatre: Undeb Theatre’s Anti-Valentine SHow Head for Cardiff for this heartless event, which consists of One Performance Poet, One Stand up Comedian, One Live Band and One Play – a cheap and perfect night out if Valentines Day is not for you! Cuckold’s Fair This cynical tale of betrayal, lust and sandwiches weaves a bizarre web of intrigue, sex and lies, all culminating in the Cuckold’s Fair.Plus, there’s a special “I love you but I’m shagging someone else” Valentine’s Day performance – not sure what that involves but it does sound intriguing.The event is being held at EBGBS and tickets cost £5, with all of that packed with the chance to meet new people whilst listening to live music and entertainment, what’s not to love?Click here to grab yourself a ticket for Friday 16th February. Book a once in a lifetime date with your favourite pasty in Greggs with their one night only sit down meal WITH PROSECCO!There’s no need to cry on the sofa, get up and about and celebrate the few reasons being single is actually way more fun! Whether you choose banana and Nutella, syrup, lemon and sugar, ice-cream, the works. You could buy in a few bottles of wine, set up your Netflix and enjoy a night of pancakes and chick flicks with your best pals.