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On the ski lift, Spencer once again tries to ask Teddy out, but she refuses. Spencer's first appearance in Season 2 is "Battle of the Bands".

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On their way home, Ivy stalls Emmett and Teddy and Spencer share their first kiss.In "Charlie Goes Viral", Spencer and his parents learn about Teddy's family.In "Dance Off", Teddy and Spencer are officially dating.At the school dance, Teddy takes Spencer and tries to kiss him for the first time, although Emmett interrupts their dance and ruins their night.They do get back together, however, in "Can You Keep a Secret?

" when she realizes that she still has feelings for him.Later on, Spencer gets a new girlfriend, Nicole, making Teddy jealous ("Teddy Rebounds").However, he goes to the ski resort to apologize, where Teddy initially rejects him again.In the episode, Teddy has a study date with Spencer at the library, which she changes to the Duncan house after her mother says she can't go on the study date.Teddy tries numerous times to get closer to Spencer, but her family always interrupts and they never get to kiss.Although Spencer had many attempts to kiss Teddy, it was always interrupted ("Study Date") Teddy asks Spencer if he would go to the high school dance with her, and Ivy asks out Emmett. Ivy said it was a sign something fishy was up with Spencer.