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Just be careful if you decide to venture to a cruising spot.

You can create a list of favorites spots, rate a listing and read the guide to gay cruising too.

If you want to chat in real time you can also connect using IM, and enhance your online experience if you have a webcam to see the person you're chatting with.

Most of the photos on the site are very explicit, so be prepared either to be offended or aroused (maybe both).You can also find ratings on member profiles detailing their 'performance'.Some events are organized parties and you can get discounted entry to saunas, bathhouses, etc.Free members can view some cruising listings but are restricted from accessing photos, maps and contact/website info.I have several issues with First while a supposely canadian based company charges canadians in US Funds.

I dont like having to check the stock market quote to find out how much it will cost me. Unless the receiver complains or issued a legal process they should mind their own bussiness.

Your chances of meeting guys on this site is pretty much guaranteed, but just be aware of what's involved (i.e. You can search for profiles using the quick search option (limited to location or proximity to you) or advanced search in which you can specify the type of place you want to visit (e.g. The target search (upgraded members only) lets you fine-tune your cruising search by allowing you to select specific cities or specify how far you want to travel to a cruising spot.

The proximity search then returns all cruising options within the area you've specified.

Only a very small number of users even acknowledge an email even with thanks but no thanks.

Strangely several people who I wrote to when a member never responded.

' Cruise Now' links you immediately to all of the cruising listings in the location where you are registered and want to hookup with someone near you today There are also one-click preconfigured searches that allow you to search for videos, including the 'newest', 'highest rated' and 'most viewed'.