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I have worked for multiple fast foods and never in my life seen such a thing please get back to me please and thank u there are other things I need to say but it will not be said on here …..

In 1968, the first restaurants were opened outside of Ohio in Pittsburgh and Detroit.

Arby’s expanded at a store per week pace during the 1970s.

My son worked for your store 1800 and I truly believe for personal bias of the GM he was let go.

Not only was it handled unprofessionally, they didn’t even notify him that he was terminated.

We have no respect for corporations nor individuals such as David Hogg who choose to serve ONLY your partisan politics.

It is interesting to us that your corporation made decisions influenced by this immature child bully.If you are a free member and you upload a movie you can get 20 long videos bonus. Join now and watch extreme sex videos, submit your own videos, rate the vids you watched and join the community. Arby’s was founded in 1964 in Boardman, Ohio by Forrest and Leroy Raffel.The Raffel’s owned a restaurant equipment business and saw a need for a fast food chain that served something other than hamburgers.The first restaurant served roast beef sandwiches, chips, and soda.