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It was fairly casual, but then she said "Let me show you something" and requested for me to see her webcam.

See this is the kind of stuff that makes us Western guys never ever be able to go back to our native women.?

Throughout most of my single life, I've always had an attraction to foreign women and spent most of my life dating foreign born woman.

And because they are more down to earth, conversations tend to flow much more naturally and smoothly.

And they usually look up to you when you talk or flirt with them. t feel demonized for flirting with or complimenting a girl like you are made to feel when doing these things in the The dating scene is not the only thing that improves when you go abroad.

I never experience anything remotley like this here at home in the Women in Anglo-Saxon countries are generally far less flirtatious than those in Latin ones. This is part of the overall paranoia American women have about men.

Feminism drills it into them that men are potential rapists or abusers and this seeps into the psyche of the women who are on "creepy guy" alert at all times. If you do make eye contact with them, they immediately look away. This occurs anywhere in public places, like bookstores, grocery stores, shopping malls and health clubs.? That's all part of the culture shock of travelling to other countries.

Just browse American dating profiles and see how many American woman profiles mention the word creep such as ? We are so used to being ignored and demonized here at home that when we travel out of the country we have to make adjustments because "we're not in anymore".

This includes getting over the fact that if you say "hello" to a foreign woman your chances of getting a dirty look or nasty comment are slim to none.

No one told her to do this, she did it out of her own sense of creative feelings.

You would NEVER get this kind of sentiment from a Western woman.

The "bitch shield" on women pretty much only exists in ?