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Lingerie becomes part of oral sex and not an impediment.

Before there was only mouth to skin contact, now there's also mouth to fabric contact.

Adding the element of crossdressing into vanilla sex dramatically increases the number of sexual acts and scenarios and chances for pleasure.

This essay explores the most common scenarios for the fully dressed crossdresser and her heterosexual female partner.

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Sometimes she wears a strap-on; sometimes she uses her fingers to penetrate the crossdresser.

Otherwise, missionary and cowgirl are the sexual positions of choice.

The scenarios coincide with the most common types of crossdressers: the vanilla crossdresser who loves all things feminine and sensuous, including Women; submissive crossdressing men who loves all things feminine and sensual, including Women - their superiors; the submissive chaste crossdresser; and submissive crossdressers who seeks humiliation and see cross dressing as another avenue of sexual humiliation.

Sensuality and crossdressing go hand in hand for many crossdressers.

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