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The bestiary presumed to describe the animals of the world and to show what human traits and moral lessons they severally exemplify.

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In a double-sized issue with the theme “A Desire Called Dystopia: Abject Sex & Archive Trauma”, We’ve an amazing, exclusive interview with Zoltan, Designer of Robot AI Sex dolls & regarding his robot girlfriend Alice, an account of the Museum of Sex Furniture in Second Life,artist submissions including ‘The Virtual Transgender Suit’, the ‘Menstruation Machine’, A themepark of Near Death Experiences, tranny surprise film, & a comprehension test submitted by the Fauxist International.

Part of the #OKF2018 celebrations include the amazing night of performance and play that is #Hellfire Resurrection H… Keep the follows and the shares coming, and do get involved in any way you can! A7Y422Cjp @Geeky_Sex_Toys We'd love to see you at #Fetish Expo this year - our crowd will adore you!

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