Superhero speed dating

the Syndicate), he was badly beaten in a mob hit, saved only by Lucas's intervention.

Meanwhile, Cage continued in solo action against an odd assortment of villains, including the maddened professional wrestler X the Marvel, the uninspired Maggia agent Mister Fish, mobsters Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton and Ray "Piranha" Jones, the racist Wildfire, the vengeance-seeking Mangler and Spear (whose brother had died under Dr.Burstein's treatment), rival crimelords Baron and Big Brother, the obsessive Goldbug, and Zzzax the Living Dynamo.He soon established an office in Times Square's Gem Theater, where he befriended film student D. Stryker himself had become a Maggia agent as Diamondback and died battling Cage.Subsequent opponents included Gideon Mace, an embittered veteran seeking a U. takeover who would become a frequent foe; Chemistro (Curtis Carr), whose Alchemy Gun would be a weapon later used by others, including his own brother after Curtis reformed; and Discus, Stiletto, Shades, and Commanche, all criminals with ties to Cage's prison days who would face him repeatedly over the years.In the course of the encounter, Bushmaster forced Burstein to mutate him as he had Cage, but was nonetheless defeated and soon became paralyzed by the process.

Cleared of criminal charges, Cage briefly worked for Knight's detective agency Nightwing Restorations but soon elected to join Iron Fist in a two-man team, Heroes for Hire, founded by attorney Jeryn Hogarth and staffed by administrative wunderkind Jennie Royce.Called to assist the Defenders against the Plantman, Cage began to complain that his participation in their group was interfering with his paying work.Wealthy Defenders member Nighthawk solved this problem by placing Cage on retainer, giving Luke a steady paycheck for his Defenders activities.Join us on February 25th at 8 pm and Find Your Superhero! Project Dragon Fruit, a new dating community developed by geeks for geeks, is sponsoring a speed dating event in Omaha for geeks and nerds alike. Please send a message if you have any questions regarding the event.Project Dragonfruit is hosting a “Find Your Superhero” speed dating event on Saturday, February 25th to benefit the Nebraska Humane Society. Costumes are encouraged, so please bring your fanciest cape. The event is free for all, but participants are asked to bring a bag of dog or cat food to the event, to be donated to the Nebraska Humane Society. Dragon Fruit App, the only dating app for geeks by geeks.Meanwhile, Stryker rose through the ranks of crime, but the two men remained friends.