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The average user is incapable of repairing his/hers own computer.Therefore, Users are dependent on costly, non immediate, professional tech-support.A user has no simple and easy way to know that he has a wrong version of his mouse drivers which causes a mouse not to be recognized, or to know why windows explorer is constantly crashing, or why the media player does not play movies, or why a trial expired version of Nero viewer prevents the viewing of JPG images.

A component is software or its part that can be fixed, reinstalled or removed. Fixing a component will resolve the problem without affecting on other components.Formatting the hard drive and reinstalling everything back is a way to repair computers. Although there are various ways to make the component work, the nature of the solution is the sameā€”in order to make the computer work its faulty components must be repaired.According to other embodiments of the present invention, the repository may be located on one or more mass storage devices (e.g.removable HD, USB storage, etc.) functionally associated with the client.The corruption, deletion or misconfiguration of any application component may cause anomalous behavior.

The majority of the users are incapable of fixing their computers by themselves; the average user knows at most how to browse the Internet.According to some embodiments of the present invention, the software image repository may be located on the remediation server.According to alternative embodiments of the present invention, the software image repository may be distributed across one more servers and/or end-users' computers functionally associated with the remediation server.On the other hand, techs have no tools to make a pc and all of its installed applications work, and the repair process is labor-intensive. corruption of software applications and operating system objects, is a primary cause for computer malfunction.Computers usually malfunction because of missing, corrupted or redundant software elements or components, damage caused by malicious software, incompatibility, and user's actions.A communication module may exchange characterization data relating to image blocks with a client computer.