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Units in a laundry room for example will suffer the consequences of fumes from laundry detergent, fabric softener etc...

) Are high efficiency furnaces really this unreliable?

Am I stuck with a lemon that will need service calls every year? You need to have that unit serviced once a year to avoid problems just like this.

That .50 per month I'm saving in gas consumption doesn't come close to the cost of a maintenance contract or even one service call. I know next to nothing about HVAC, But, if as a routine matter, you all don't see failure of 19 month old furnaces as unacceptable, then in this consumer's opinion, there is something very wrong with your industry. 80% furnace can have the same flame sensor problem.

I'm sure maintenance contracts provide valuable revenue and predictable and evenly spaced work, but to me those contracts must be masking poorly designed and unreliable products. That additional 18% is just not worth the extra expense and unreliability. It all depends on what is stored around the intake of the furnace.

I know I did not pay for a service contract, but I did pay thousands for this system 19 months ago, and I don't think its unreasonable to expect it to work for more than one season before it needs repair.

(Is polishing a dirty flame sensor "maintenance" or repair?

However I dont think people would like replacing their furnaces that often... I think I understand your industry better - but I don't like what I'm learning. It has a fresh air pvc supply line to outside air running with the exhaust pipe. But this rather costly furnace is only in its second year, and in my own personal calculation of what's "right,' that is just too soon to need repair.

The furnace is in an enclosed basement area of about 400 sq. No laundry or other mechanical activity in the area. In 40 years of home ownership I've had a furnace refuse to work exactly twice.

What good is a 98% efficient furnace to the consumer if maintenance costs exceed fuel savings?

My monthly gas bill is , for stove, hot water, dryer, and furnace operation. If the problem is just the flame sensor was dirty and there ends up not being any other problems, then I would be looking at what is stored around the outside intake to the furnace.

He replaced pinched wires between the gas valve and burner enclosure. The second service tech diagnosed a dirty flame sensor. He said the same furnace can operate for years in one home without trouble, but in another the sensor can get dirty enough to block ignition on a yearly basis.