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28859; Regents Action Date: July 12, 2016 Paez, Jorge; Fishkill, NY. 14483; Regents Action Date: April 15, 1994 Pagan, Brunilda; Bronx, NY. @Tanya - See you also reached out to the team for help with this one, and they've confirmed it appears the Conversion date was the issue.

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Goliath isn't a groundbreaker by any means - it bears some resemblance to Glenn Close's Damages - but it's a solidly entertaining legal thriller that benefits enormously from Billy Bob Thornton's strong lead As a hard-luck lawyer looking to get off the booze and back in the game, his Mc Bride sounds like a stock character, except Thornton...

Hi, We've recently registered for GST, and only started working on Xero after. My GST Next Period Due Date shows 1 March to 31 April, and I cannot seem to change this to 1 February to 31 March, as per my GST Return with IRD...please assist. Looks like you're all sorted now, but just get back to them if you have more questions. I enter all the relevant info like: GST Number, Frequency, Accounting Basis and Tax Form, but it will not let me populate the Next Period Due box.

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