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Related Article: Greater than Angels A far higher percentage of Jews were lost than that of their non-Jewish counterparts in all other groups.

While 90% of Poland's Jewish population was decimated, 94% of Polish Christians survived.

Wikipedia puts the statistics regarding the larger groups affected approximately as follows: Nazi racial theory graded all non-Aryan populations as inferior beings – Slavs, Poles and Russians near the bottom, Scandinavians near the top, with the rest of Europeans falling somewhere in between.

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This being so, is it accurate to refer to the Holocaust as a “War Against the Jews,” as it has been called, or do we not in fact need to develop a wider understanding of the events of those terrible years and their meaning for mankind?

Without detracting in any way from the gravity of the crimes perpetrated against all victims of Nazism, it seems that major distinctions exist between their Jewish and non-Jewish victims: Only the Jews were singled out for total destruction.

Nor were the Jews given a chance to reform or correct their ways.

German homosexuals willing to accept therapy and rehabilitation would certainly have been spared, as would have the masses of Poles and Russians had they acquiesced to Aryan conquest of their lands. Spiritual War At no point were the religious texts, objects, edifices or spiritual leaders of other populations targeted as were those of the Jews.

Of course it is still nothing compared to the percentage of Jews murdered by Nazi Germans, but is twice more than stated in article. Genocide is not the preserve of one race or people but of many.

The West knew what was going on and failed to react. No lessons have been learnt; genocide will continue all over the world.

Close to 60% of Europe's total Jewish population was murdered, while the millions of Russians deaths represented 15% of their population.

A large number of Poles and Russians were killed during the German Army's invasion and occupation of their lands, and many Russian soldiers died in captivity in violation of international conventions.

Amalek and Haman are targeting the Jews less as a people than as a Divine people." “Providence has ordained that I should be the greatest liberator of humanity.

I am freeing man from the restraints of an intelligence that has taken charge, from the dirty and degrading self-mortifications of a false vision called conscience and morality, and from the demands of a freedom and personal independence which only a very few can bear.” The Holocaust was an unprecedented occurrence that combined a war on Judaism with a war on the Jews.

As the German Army retreated both on the Eastern and Western fronts, the effort to exterminate as many Jews as possible continued unabated.