Telisha and junsu dating

Many Filipino American personals have to use online dating sites to find their second half.Many Filipino-born ladies don't understand about life in America.

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Because of her work ethic and her just being an amazingly nice person. I never thought it would get topped and it did by this experience. JJ was super playful, getting on the aerialist ring and goofing off. "I think it’s an extension of them communicating with their fans and having their music come across more clearly to a wider audience," she told DBSKnights. They’re really amazing people and really amazing artists to work with.

Telisha explained that before October, she didn't know anything about of K-pop and didn't realize how deeply rooted the K-pop fandom is.

It was all harmless.” We’re friends, nothing more nothing less.

We went to the Grammy’s because he was nominated and I came as his date to support as a friend.

People tend to think just because you were seen with someone of the opposite sex that you’re dating them.

Gone is the days that people go to clubs or bars to find short term dates, online dating is the solution to meet your life mate.

Only two days after her return to LA, still slightly jet-lagged, Telisha agreed to a phone interview with DBSKnights.

She was excited to share about her experience with Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (whom she called "JJ, Micky and Jun").

When the the US tour began, Telisha and the other dancers were shocked by the turnout.

'When we were in New York, we all had friends and family coming to the show and [they] were just like, “Um, the line is a couple of avenues long.” I was like, “No way, you’re exaggerating.”' Thus followed the whirlwind tour through New York, Vegas and Los Angeles.

It's true that recently, they have begun a relationship and are meeting well."The rep added, "But as the two are artists who are receiving a lot of love, we ask for warm regards.