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One of the better sites I have had success with is Friend Finder-X, mostly because of the higher female to male ratio than on pretty much any other site I have tested.

Have sex with real people, with or without it comes it online dating, there are plenty of scam sites with fake profiles, a male to female ratio of 000, female bots with bullshit conversations or just overall, designed to get you to pay money. It’s not that I could not find anyone in real life (yeah, I couldn’t) but my schedule just simply was more suitable for niche getting laid or sex dating sites that promise one-night stands, unless your game is crap. Kicking things off with one of the newer sites out there that I wanted to include just to give a small guy some recognition.

With over 80,000,000 of real profiles (with many of these being women looking to hookup), I can’t recommend it enough.The only downside is of course competition, since it is so popular, some of the females might get bombarded with thousands of messages daily.It actually is known under many different brands but the real and main one is GIO.One of the most annoying things on other sex dating sites it the sign-up process, they just try to shove it up your face with fake pics, amateur nudes that are nowhere to be found on the site later on, and other garbage.Premium Pricing: .95 if you decide to go that route Hookup Results Emails Sent: 100 Dates: 4 Women Fucked: 2Click here to signup for free, and just test it out, you don’t have to pay.

Now here is a site that is probably one of the best kept secrets out there.

With dating sex sites, you can skip the small talk and get right to the point. There’s no need to pretend to be someone else in order to get laid.

There’s no need to hide your true wants and repress your physical desires.

I'm not looking to engage in useless conversations around marriage or kids. Free Life Time Fuckbook brought me fun and more fun with no strings attached. Hot, mature girls, just the way I like them and all they want is to give my junk a ride. If you love MILFs, this site is going to be the best thing ever happened to you!

I have been using Adult Hookup for 3 months now and it literally changed my life.

In addition to that, Adult Friend Finder also offers live chats, Facebook like UI, sex community and most importantly, works on any device, be it your phone, PC or a tablet.